I just wanted to say thank-you for your help and the great support you have provided working through issues lately. You have done an excellent job and I have enjoyed working with you.

- Jason Hoskin, Peterborough Utilities Group

Wanted to drop a line to let you know that your support team has really stepped up their game. Things are progressing nicely and look forward to upgrading our software and hardware. Thanks again for your efforts. Hope to see you at this year’s TechFest.

- Chris Masterson, REA Energy

We had Kash out here last week working with us on our system and want you to know we appreciate all he did for us. He thoroughly knows the system and was able to address every issue that we needed help with. Because of how well he knows the system we were able to accomplish more than we were planning on getting done. If possible we would like to have him back on future onsite support sessions. He is a great asset to your company.

- Tom Cooper, Spanish Fork City

Thanks again for all your help today! I have implemented all your suggested modifications, and validated them. As always you provide excellent and timely customer service in a professional and courteous manner. I look forward to working with again, and perhaps I will see you at the Survalent conference in Niagara Falls next week.

- Norm, London Hydro Inc.

You guys are genius. Looks like the graphics are correct. Thank you very much and have a beautiful weekend.

- K. Bear, Rockwood Electric

Dalana, Besides the survey - I just wanted to send you a personal thanks for the great conference in New Orleans - You worked really hard and I appreciated the personal touches you brought to the conference. I really look forward to the next conference. It was indeed excellent this year.

- David Jewett, NB Power Generation Corporation

Kash, I want to thank you for your visit last week. The feedback I've received from those involved in Tuesdays' training has been all positive and appreciative. The time I spent with you, one-on-one, was also highly beneficial as we were able to address multiple open issues/questions.

Thanks again for the time you spent with us. It was very valuable.

- Tom Parker, South Central Indiana REMC

Your support is the best!

- Joe Robb, Zemar

Survalent has been a very good partner here at Wright Hennepin and I would like to see all companies that need some sort of SCADA or Outage Management tool be able to see what Survalent has to offer.

- Steve Nordahl, Wright Hennepin

Hi Ron, I would like to let you know that we are extremely pleased with job performance of Mr. Igor. He is truly the best in this business. He is master of his profession and I am looking forward to working with him many times in future. I highly appreciate your excellency from beginning to the end, you are so organized and professional and executed all the tasks so perfect. Thank you so much for such a great job. I will recommend you and your firm to other utilities. Thank you so much for great job.

- Sied Talebi-Nejad

I spoke to Matt Ward and Tim Dean of Habersham at the GEMC Engineers Fall Meeting last week and they are delighted. They said that the conversion has been very smooth and that they are extremely happy with the system. A special shoutout to Ken for his on-site efforts.

- Mary, LAN Systems

I appreciated your involvement with the training process. Your openness to feedback and your positive, candid and diplomatic responses, as well as the evident desire you had to make the training the best it can be, made me feel very hopeful about the working relationship between our two companies for the future. Your dedication to excellence and awareness of practical constraints of both our organizations is refreshing to say the least. It's no wonder your team is so focused on Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction. It was a privilege to meet you and I look forward to dealing with you and the rest of your team in the future.

So patient with our repeated, impatient questions and able to not only anticipate our difficulties with the material but to meet us where we're at in terms of technical knowledge in general and experience with your products and systems in particular. His wealth of experience and ability to communicate complex issues in simple terms to people from a wide variety of backgrounds is nothing short of amazing.

I don't know a more humble, calm, gracious, kind-hearted, diplomatic, thorough, genuine man. The PERFECT person to head up phone & remote Customer Tech Support. Can't think of anything he could improve on.

I was blown away with his presentation on products / services / road map-ish peek at the future. The man seems to have his finger on the pulse of not only your current and future products but on technology, the industry at large.

Always hovering in the background and staying involved, always concerned about the the customer impressions and the feedback from the field. He radiates an attitude of genuine concern for every customer and a desire to be the best he can, give the customer the best they can get and ensure that they're happy with it or resolve any issues which would prevent that. Definitely the future.

Overall, I am left with the impression that your people function independently, cooperatively and collectively more like an organism than an organization. The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts and the synergy is beautiful. That's near miraculous in my books.

- Glen, Hydro One Brampton

Thanks to you and your team for taking care of us during your training last week. We were very impressed with your company and the week's activities. Thanks again and we look forward to our project commissioning.

- Bruce, Central Lincoln PUD

I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you guys for working with us on our upgrade. You have provided great support and I want to thank everyone. I appreciate all of your time and patience to make this as rock solid a system as we could get.

- Jack, USS Fairfield Works

I wanted to personally thank you for the SCADA system training class you put on this week. Your patience and knowledge was greatly appreciated. Upon completion of the class, I gained valuable knowledge, allowing me to feel comfortable in manipulating and designing with the Survalent software. I look forward to working with Survalent in the future.

- Jared, MidSouth Utility Consultants

I really enjoyed my training at Survalent, and felt I took a lot from it. I found the training very beneficial and learned a lot. Thanks for all your help and tips to make my stay enjoyable and stress free.

- Mark, Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc.

We are extremely pleased and are looking forward to building up our SCADA system with your products.

- Richard, Northfork Electric Cooperative, Inc.

I cannot let the day go by without thanking you again for taking that much time on the phone with me to accomplish quite a big task for me with our SCADA. What a wonderful tool!

- Steve, Wright-Hennepin Electric

Please accept our sincere thank you for the most interesting and insightful training session this past week. Your attention and perseverance were certainly appreciated. We look forward to a continued relationship with Survalent in the future. Thank you once again!

- Paul, Delaware County Electric Cooperative

Thank you for the excellent job you've done. You added great value and made my week a successful effort. It was a pleasure to work with each of you.

-Jack, Consultant

Survalent has been extremely helpful in resolving any problems and in going the extra mile to ensure a smooth installation. Great technical support!

-Rob, PowerStream, Inc.

Survalent didn't fill my expectations, they just took over them!!!It has been a pleasure to meet the quality, experience, devotion and workmanship of Survalent. This team can deliver great performance SCADA software. Everything in life should be this easy!!! Never have I seen a team work like this before. All of you are experts, professionals and nice people. Thank you Survalent for your great quality, support and excellence. We are proud of having your system for many years to come.

-Jose, Edenorte Dominicana SA

We are very pleased with our SCADA system. I have no regrets that we chose the Survalent System. The result has been a cost effective SCADA solution.

-Joe, Braintree Electric Light Department

I have no doubt about Survalent's commitment to our success, and I appreciate your personal interest and commitment to insure that success.

-Quimby, Clallam PUD

I love the SCADA Add-in. This is a great piece of software. I have been using it the last couple of days and many great uses for it. Survalent has really created a great future.

Jason, Citizens Electric Corporation

I am pleased to say the Hunter RTU evaluation is going very well. Survalent has done an excellent job and I look forward to working with the Hunter RTU in the future.

-Bill, Hughes Supply

I wanted to be sure to let you know that we are happy with the conversion and really appreciate the help and support we've received from everyone

-Eric, AEL&P Engineering

I am very pleased to let you know that using the SCADA alarm, as well as the graphing capabilities of WorldView, we were able to promptly identify and effect immediate repairs. This is exactly what we wanted from our SCADA system. Thank you for such an excellent user interface.

-Gordon, Mishawaka Utilities

Survalent is a leading company. Their windows platform is extremely user friendly. The SCADA Explorer makes for easy database management. The GUI has all the right bells and whistles, making it an effective operator’s tool. Complimenting all this is the professional staff of Survalent, who seem to always be available for support.

-Doug, Barrie Hydro (now PowerStream)

I would like to extend my appreciation to you and your staff for the SCADA database training. It was just what I needed to get started on this project. All subjects were covered very well. Everyone portrayed the utmost professionalism and was able to answer the technical questions to my satisfaction with various alternative or options.

-Dick, C.H. Guernsey & Company