The Value of Smart Grid Technology

By: Edward Kobeszka, Survalent Technology

Smart Grid technology is changing the way that we monitor, deliver and use electricity as well as influencing the way that we think about it. With more electric utilities deploying smart grid tools, other agencies and utilities are beginning to see the benefits of smart grid technology for improving services such as in the water and gas industries.

What Is Smart Grid?

Smart Grid is a real revolution in the marriage between technology and utilities. Electrical grids have been around since 1886 and as time passed, they grew in size. Eventually, they began helping whole geographical regions to distribute power appropriately while preserving the overall health of the miles of lines and cables making up each grid. Massive power outages and brownouts in recent history demonstrate what happens when weaknesses undermine such grids. Smart Grid technology promises to turn such outages into mere memories by utilizing large quantities of information at high speed and to utilize automated procedures to restore and stabilize the networks.

Smart grids use both digital and analog information gathered from a number of sources such as intelligent electronic devices, advanced metering, sensors etc. to distribute energy more efficiently. In the past, the great struggle for grid operators has been to channel electricity to where it was needed without distributing too much or too little. Sending too much energy risked damage to the grid as well as wastage of unused energy. Too little distributed resulted in blackouts and brownouts that were dissatisfying to consumers. A smart grid utilizes modern information technology to automate these functions.

Access Your ADMS Database From Your Mobile Device


One of the newer applications from Survalent is SurvCentral which is designed for Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) database access from your mobile device.

The mobile devices can run Apple iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry operating systems. You can visualize your data points, lists and other tabular information, as well as your graphic displays on smartphones or tablets using any of the above OS platforms. SurvCentral provides users a great way to “see” the data of your ADMS applications while you are traveling.

Other Key Features of SurvCentral include:

  • Secure Access
  • Session Expiration
  • HTTPS for User Name and Password for Login
  • Built-In Reports
  • Optimized Menu Level Access
  • Seamless, Intuitive Navigation
  • Control Panel Display Optimization
  • Administrative Tools to Manage User Accounts
  • Direct Web Page, PDF File Loading Capability
  • Portrait/Landscape Screen Scaling Optimization


MultiSpeak AMI Application

2014-01-multispeak-logoMany Survalent customers have benefited over the prior year from our MultiSpeak AMI application. This allows a Survalent SCADA user to interface with their AMI system to bring back end-of-line voltage. With this information voltage control can be maximized for demand response.

Survalent also offers a DVR application which uses end-of-line voltage to provide voltage control at the substation as well as down line voltage regulators to achieve optimized demand reduction.

Depending on number of substations, peak demand rates and substation load characteristics some users can pay for their SCADA system in less than a year. This is a great way for AMI and SCADA to work together to achieve material savings.