Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative Trusts the Proven Interfacing Abilities of Survalent Technology’s SCADA System

tri countyMISSISSAUGA, ON — January 27, 2015 — Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative (REC) installs a Survalent Technology SCADA based on the proven ability for the system to interface with OMS and AMI systems.

With their sister cooperative, Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative, and several other cooperatives in Pennsylvania using Survalent's SCADA, the choice was clear for Tri-County.

The system is based on Windows Server Operating System, and includes Survalent's open-system applications:

  • WorldView – Graphical User Interface
  • SCADA Explorer
  • IED Wizard and Control Panel
  • SCADA Add-In
  • Remote Alarm Annunciation
  • Event Data Recording
  • MultiSpeak Interfaces
  • Outage Management (OMS)

"Survalent's SCADA system has given us 'eyes' at each of our substations," states John Lykens, Director of E&O at Tri-County. "It has already proved invaluable at a critical delivery point in determining whether or not a power problem was on our side or our power supplier's side. I am positive we will quickly wonder how we ever lived without it."

"We are excited to add Tri-County Rural Electric to our growing base of electrical cooperative customers in the northeastern region," states Syed Hasan, Regional Sales Manager for Survalent. "The new Survalent SCADA system will integrate with the OMS and AMI systems to make better operational decisions and minimize customer outage durations."

About Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperation

Tri-County REC is a consumer-owned, non-profit electric cooperative serving parts of Potter, Tioga, Bradford, Lycoming, Cameron, Clinton and McKean counties.

About Survalent Technology

Survalent Technology is the most experienced global supplier of Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) for Electric, Transit, Renewable and Water/Wastewater utilities. For over five decades, we have helped more than 500 utilities use operational data to increase reliability, efficiency and customer service. Survalent partners with utilities across the globe to create mission critical solutions that will achieve the promise of the Smart Grid. Learn more at