Newly Commissioned Survalent ONE ADMS-SCADA System at Oconomowoc Utilities Ensures Superior Service

oconomowoc picBRAMPTON, ON — September 23, 2015 — Southeastern Wisconsin's own Oconomowoc Utilities (Oconomowoc) recently released a newly commissioned SCADA system, a solution component of Survalent ONETM ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System). Oconomowoc’s new SCADA system includes all of the core functionalities for the utility to monitor and control its electrical distribution system and provide superior customer service.

Oconomowoc’s new SCADA system is deployed in a tri-redundant configuration with the most advanced, latest graphical user interface, SmartVU. The Operator Training Simulator module is included to provide offline training for the operators on how to use the system in different control scenarios. Other advanced functionalities include Control Panel for quick configuration and access to field devices, Switch Order Preparation, and Network Topology Processing. SurvCentral application provides Oconomowoc new capabilities for faster and better decision making with mobile browser access to their SCADA information such as alarms, operator summary, substation line diagrams, and distribution network map. Oconomowoc will also have data exchange between the SCADA system to their CIS and GIS information using MultiSpeak interfaces.

"Essentially what this means for our customer is uninterrupted power delivery service. As a utility, Oconomowoc is investing in new technologies to provide greater customer satisfaction, improve its distribution system reliability, and position its infrastructure to deploy ADMS functionalities in the future," said Mike Roth, VP Sales for the Central US.

About Oconomowoc Utilities

Oconomowoc Utilities is one of 2,200 public power systems in the United States. Oconomowoc is a municipally owned utility with more than 300 miles of distribution lines, providing service to over 8,700 customers. Its main purpose as a non-profit entity is to provide customers with the best services at lowest possible price.

About Survalent Technology

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