Survalent ONE™ SCADA Implemented by Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative

coosa imageBRAMPTON, ON — December 10, 2015 — Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative (CVEC), a non-profit cooperative in Alabama and part of the Touchstone Energy® group, deployed a Survalent ONE™ SCADA system to help serve their 20,000 members. The new system provides CVEC with immediate operational and customer service benefits, while laying the foundation for a complete ADMS solution on a single integrated platform.

Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative selected Survalent ONE™ as their first SCADA system. The system includes advanced applications such as WebSurv, SurvCentral, and MultiSpeak. The WebSurv application allows CVEC’s management to monitor information from the ADMS and improve internal communications. The SurvCentral application provides access to SCADA information, such as operator summary, substation line diagrams, alarms, and the distribution network map. The MultiSpeak application provides an interface that enables CVEC to have standard data exchange for outage analysis. Every Survalent system includes SmartVU, the advanced graphical user interface that helps to accomplish high quality graphics while providing a platform to view and edit all of their SCADA applications. The Survalent ONE™ SCADA system automates processes reducing the requirement for field crew visits to substations.

With SCADA in place, Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative has the opportunity to move towards a complete Survalent ONE™ ADMS system. The functionality and interoperability of the advanced applications can be expanded to future implementations, in order to meet their utility and member needs.

“I expect Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative to benefit quickly through implementation of their first SCADA system. There can be a very positive impact on their operations and customer service capabilities,” said Steve Strauss, Regional Sales VP for the Eastern US.

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