Survalent ONE™ SCADA System to be Deployed by Southern Pine Electric

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO — August 25, 2016 —Survalent Technology, a leading provider of ADMS systems, today announced that Southern Pine Electric, a not-for-profit electric cooperative serving more than 66,000 members in central and south Mississippi, has begun implementation of the Survalent ONE™ SCADA system. The utility is modernizing its infrastructure with the addition of real-time network monitoring and control, enabling it to support its membership with reliable, low-cost power into the future.

Survalent SCADA includes several advanced tools that combine to build operational efficiency and improve a utility’s ability to support its customers. With the SmartVU interface (GUI), operations staff can easily visualize real-time data to understand system status and performance. The WebSurv and SurvCentral applications can provide online and mobile access. The IED Wizard and Control Panel applications can simplify system use and configuration, leading to increased user productivity. The Power Factor Control application is typically used by customers to avoid penalties and operate their systems more efficiently.

“When a utility has visibility of real-time information on a system-wide basis, with control and alarms, operations efficiency and performance improves,” said Steve Strauss, Regional Vice President at Survalent Technology. “In hundreds of deployments, Survalent SCADA customers have translated these benefits into more dependable power, while controlling costs, and improving customer support. I have no doubt that Southern Pine Electric will see continued success in their rollout of the new system.”

“Southern Pine Electric is all about serving our members. We want to use the latest tools and equipment available to allow a quick response to an outage. Using Survalent SCADA System integrated in our existing Outage Management System (OMS) along with receiving email and text notifications presents an outage to our personnel as soon as they occur,” said Jay Montgomery, Southern Pine Design and Protection Engineer.  “By having accurate real-time data and events recorded at the hands of experienced operators, it shortens response time and outage lengths. What better way to say member-owned and service-proud?”

About Survalent Technology

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