Survalent Advances SCADA and Load Management for City of New Bern

BRAMPTON, ON — September 28, 2016 —Survalent Technology, a leading provider of ADMS systems, announced that the City of New Bern power utility has implemented the Survalent ONE™ SCADA system, and demand response application. The dual-redundant system enables improved real-time monitoring and control of its distribution system which serves customers in Craven County, North Carolina.

Survalent’s Demand Response application was rapidly deployed to upgrade the City’s load management control, as it sought to transition from its existing system vendor. The aim was to assist the City of New Bern in successfully avoiding the risk of costly peak demand charges.

City of New Bern’s dual-redundant SCADA configuration adds resilience to the utility’s operations and energy distribution, contributing to increased power reliability and customer satisfaction. The system empowers utility teams with real-time information on network performance, to boost operations efficiency, and reduce response times when confronting abnormal conditions. “Survalent ONETM SCADA enhances the City’s ability to provide its residential and commercial customers with dependable power and improved service, at affordable rates,” said Steve Strauss, Regional Vice-president at Survalent Technology.

The system includes the Control panel, IED wizard, and Websurv applications, to simplify setup and improve access to real-time network information. The system deployment was expedited through Survalent’s turnkey database and graphics services.

“The new SCADA System gives the City of New Bern greater flexibility, enhanced reporting, and faster response time in dealing with outages,” said Mark Trail, at the City of New Bern. “Survalent’s tech support is some of the best I have seen. We look forward to a long business relationship with Survalent.”

“We’re pleased to add City of New Bern to our community of utilities in the area,” said Steve Strauss, at Survalent Technology.

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