GIS Data Importing & Modeling Services

Importing your GIS Data Can Be a Daunting Task.
Let us do it for you!

Survalent Technology is able to provide GIS data importing & modeling services for utilities who require GIS data for applications in their Survalent ONETM - ADMS platform such as OMS, FDIR or VVO. By importing their GIS data, utilities will have the advantage of integrating their network topology into Survalent’s connectivity model (SCS license required) and knowing where all their customers and devices are located inside their real-time ADMS for improved operational efficiency. Survalent’s GIS and System Engineers will help utilities through the entire process to ensure a smooth integration of the GIS import.  Download brochure (pdf)

GIS Services Include:

  • Analysis of the utility’s entire map to ensure that the GIS data is ready to be imported to Survalent’s ADMS
  • Provide consultation and guidance to the customer on how to remedy any issues that were found during the analysis of the GIS data
  • Re-analyze the GIS data once the customer makes the required changes
  • Import into Survalent’s database & GUI:
    • Connectivity model
    • Primary devices such as conductors, switches and capacitors
    • Secondary devices such as transformers and meters
    • Service territory map (supported files: DWG or DXF)
  • Overlaying of the connectivity model with the service territory map
  • Survalent’s services are done remotely from their offices and all file exchanges are done through a secure server

Once the GIS data has been successfully imported into Survalent’s ADMS and the customer makes new changes to their GIS model, they have two options on importing these new changes to Survalent’s ADMS. If the customer does not expect frequent changes to be made, the customer can request additional GIS data importing & modeling services from Survalent. If the customer expects more frequent GIS updates (bi-weekly or monthly), they would have the option of licensing the GIS importing tool so that they have greater control of the import process or if they prefer, continue requesting GIS data importing & modeling services from Survalent.

Map Optimization

Survalent also provides the optional service of optimizing the customer’s map SmartVU once the GIS import have been successfully completed. This service includes:

  • Verify if the substations & associated SLDs are placed in the right location in the map (based on GPS coordinates)
  • Implement SCS in the substation SLDs
  • Connect substations to the connectivity model (feeder) outside of the substation
  • Test the connectivity model to ensure all the connections are correct
  • Optimize the overall view and associated substation views
  • Survalent’s services are done remotely from their offices and all file exchanges are done through a secure server