Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS)

Survalent ONETM

With a Survalent ONETM - Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), you get SCADA (SmartSCADA), Outage Management (SmartOMS), and Distribution Management (SmartDMS) operating under ONE  reliable, resilient and easy-to-use graphical user interface (SmartVU).

Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)


SmartSCADA is a software automation solution to provide real-time control and data acquisition for utility operations.

Functionality includes:

  • alarms
  • user-access rights
  • wide range of support for communication protocols
  • reports and graphs
  • a multitude of advanced optional SCADA applications

SmartOMS is a feature-rich Outage Management System.

Its capabilities include:

  • Call handling
  • Fault location
  • AMI Integration
  • Outage Web Portal
  • Web-Based Call Handler for CSRs

SmartOMS integrates and retrieves real-time data from GIS, CIS, AMI, IVR, AVL systems to provide a fully-functional, advanced OMS system.


SmartDMS is a state-of-the-art Distribution Management System.

Functionality includes:

  • Real-time Load Flow Analysis
  • DVR (Dynamic Voltage Regulation) for reduction of peak demand
  • FDIR (Fault Detection Isolation Restoration)
  • VVO (Volt-Var Optimization)