Data Historian

Survalent ONETM SCADA and ADMS include the Archiver data historian functionality, to collect and archive historical datasets and operator logs to an SQL/Oracle database. It helps utilities drive gains in operational efficiency and business intelligence, across the organization. Engineering teams use the long-term data for network planning forecasts. Survalent Archiver is configured to automatically transfer the data to an external database, for analysis and reporting with enterprise tools.

Survalent Archiver is designed for low-medium data volume and sampling historian applications. To address larger data volumes and high speed database applications, several external options are available. Survalent easily interoperates with several proven 3rd party historian vendors, to allow utilities to perform post-event analysis and reporting, with enhanced data granularity.

Note: Implementation of Archiver requires a Survalent Replicator application license.


  • Standardize data visibility across the organization
  • Predict and improve process outcomes
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enable fast enterprise collaboration and decision-making

New Integration with Automsoft

The Survalent ONETM solution now offers optional integration with Automsoft’s RAPID historian suite.

Utilities can collect, analyze and serve large volumes of status and analog data to a powerful database, information management and analysis application. Utility staff can leverage Automsoft’s advanced data visualization applications, to view and report on a centralized pool of real-time and historical data, over the Internet. Playback support, including single line diagrams (SLD), is included.

Other enterprise data sources can be analyzed and visualized through the RAPID applications. Alternatively, data can be sent to 3rd party applications for additional analysis, using other data sources (e.g. ODBC, OPC).

For details or to schedule a live demonstration of this product, please contact your area sales representative.

Compatible with Leading Historian Software

Survalent products interoperate with many other historian software products including OSIsoft PI and InStep eDNA.